Minister's Welcome

Julie Brock

Julie Brock is our consulting minister.

Julie is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, raised as a UU in the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit. In 2015, she completed her internship at the First Unitarian Society of Madison. In 2014, Julie worked a chaplain resident at the Mayo Clinic and graduated with an Master of Divinity from the Graduate Theological Union. 

Julie has a passion for spiritual exploration, social justice, inclusive community, oxford commas, and inter-generational worship. Julie has a theatre background and tends to be upbeat and enthusiastic. She considers herself somewhat of a church junkie. If there is a service, she wants to be there. From Sufi Dziker, to Catholic Mass, to Pagan ritual, she has reverence for and finds rejuvenation in most all experiences of the divine.

Church and ritual are two of Julie's favorite things. She also loves, singing, taking long walks in pretty places, the race horse Seabiscuit, bright colors, campfires with hot cocoa, live theatre, impromptu 80’s dance parties in her living room, the television show Survivor, karaoke, cooking and eating delicious things... and people. People are actually her absolute favorite thing on the planet, and she feels honored to serve a church with so many gorgeous souls to connect and share with.

But hey, Julie's got a question for you... why did the Unitarian Universalist cross the road? ... They wanted to affirm the chicken’s right to choose its own path! Julie is most excited to find out what worship means to YOU! Why do you come to church, and how do you see the church creating more justice and love in the Universe?

She hopes she sees you on Sunday!

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